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Pet Film Roles

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Pet film rolls come in 30cm, 45cm, and 60cm sizes, offering versatility for various tasks like wrapping gifts or covering food. With their durable material and easy-to-use design, they provide a reliable solution for keeping items safe and secure. Simply choose the size you need for convenient wrapping and covering.

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Pet film rolls come in various sizes to suit different needs. Available in 30cm, 45cm, and 60cm variations, these rolls are versatile for various applications. Whether you need to cover food, wrap gifts, or protect surfaces, Pet film rolls offer a convenient solution. With their easy-to-use design and durable material, they provide a reliable way to keep your items safe and secure. Choose the size that fits your requirements and enjoy the convenience of Pet film rolls for all your wrapping and covering needs.

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30cm, 45cm, 60cm

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